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Rooftop Junior Coaster

E-DA Theme Park

Photo of Rooftop Junior Coaster

About Rooftop Junior Coaster

  • Name: Rooftop Junior Coaster
  • Park: E-DA Theme Park
  • Address:
    E-DA Theme Park,
    Dashu Township,
    Taiwan, Province of China
  • Location: 22.731585, 120.410661
  • My count: 386th
  • Manufacturer: Fabbri
  • Style: Sit down
  • Model: Spinning Madness (40m)
  • Layout: Wild Mouse
  • Height: 49.3ft
  • Inversions: 0

Photos of Rooftop Junior Coaster

Photos are from the following album: Day 2 - E-DA Theme Park.

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