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Mine Express

Lihpao Land

Photo of Mine Express

About Mine Express

  • Name: Mine Express
  • Park: Lihpao Land
  • Address:
    Lihpao Land,
    Houli Hsiang,
    Taiwan, Province of China
  • Location: 24.320696, 120.694776
  • My count: 394th
  • Manufacturer: Vekoma
  • Style: Sit down
  • Model: Junior Coaster
  • Layout: (335m)
  • Height: 42.7ft
  • Speed: 28.5mph
  • Length: 1099.1ft
  • Inversions: 0

Photos of Mine Express

Photos are from the following album: Day 5 - Lihpao Land and Shan GriLa Paradise.

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Photo of Gravity Max

Gravity Max

Lihpao Land

Gravity Max at Lihpao Land
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